Our Four Funding Pillars

Rooted Philanthropic focuses on four funding pillars. Separately, these pillars provide opportunities for individual and family betterment. Collectively, they provide opportunities for community development, repair and progress. Ultimately, the goal is to support sustainable, generational wealth, health and well-being, breaking down systemic barriers that have historically inhibited equitable social and financial security for individuals, families and cultural communities.

While these pillars are broad in scope, the specific funding strategies will continue to evolve and develop alongside community participation and advisement. Our primary focus is on supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals and communities. Our grantmaking strategies will be culturally competent, defined by community, measurable, and sustainable for long-term change.

See this map to understand our funding service area.

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    Entrepreneurship & Small Business

    Creating and building ideas and businesses is a long-term path to sustainable economic security and generational asset-building.

    The East Side of Saint Paul is incredibly diverse. Historically, it has been the home of people from countries and cultures from around the world. Many of those who have settled here have started businesses as a means to earning an income and providing for their families, as well as to share their skills and knowledge with the community. We’re here to support this entrepreneurial spirit and help grow a locally-owned economy on the East Side.

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    A quality and holistic education is fundamental to opportunity.

    We understand that access to a quality education is a gateway for future success, whether that be entry into college, a career, a trade or an entrepreneurial enterprise. Education provides the foundation from which to thrive. While there are many important and effective educational programs in our community, Rooted Philanthropic’s sole educational focus currently is supporting the Future Leaders Scholarship program at Hill-Murray High School.

  • Wellness

    The active pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is an individual and collective set of activities that make each of us and our neighborhoods safer and more resilient.

    Wellness is much broader than physical health and activity.  The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”  Thus, wellness is not passive but active and associated with choices and actions that extend beyond physical health and encompass body, mind, spirit, relationships, and the world around us. Collectively these choices and actions create the opportunity for one to improve their overall well-being as well as to strengthen communities.

  • Women Leaders

    Women in leadership have unique needs that when addressed and supported make our communities and institutions stronger.

    The research is clear that women in leadership are critical for a healthy community.  Yet women burn out and leave both formal and informal leadership roles too frequently. This is especially true for women who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color.  Rooted Philanthropic spent several months listening to East Side women leaders, which resulted in the development of a 1-year initiative for 16 women that includes:

    • Leadership Opportunities through a retreat and regular, ongoing cohort gatherings to hone leadership skills, rest and build a strong network of peer support.
    • A pool of financial resources to support each cohort participant’s personal leadership development.

    Rooted Philanthropic will be working with a community partner to implement and manage this initiative. More information will be available soon.