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    Our Grantmaking Philosophy

    We respect that the community knows best what it needs.

    The majority of grants made will come through a relationship building process that brings good ideas and critical community interventions to the foundation’s attention. These prospective grantees will come through referrals, community advisors, existing grantees and relationships, occasional RFP’s or other mechanisms of community exploration. This means the vast majority of applications will be by invitation only. Grants will be made on an ongoing basis without application deadlines or a strict grant application process. Our goal is to be as responsive and efficient as possible in making grant decisions and distributing resources.

    In general, grants will be for general operating support, but may also include funding for specific training, technical assistance, learning cohorts, or other services to support the grantee. Occasionally the foundation will make a grant for a specific purpose, generally at the behest of the requesting organization.

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    Grantmaking Mechanisms

    The foundation will provide financial support through all mechanisms that advance our funding priorities as allowed by our status as a 501c3 nonprofit private foundation . These could include support to/for:

    • 501c3 Nonprofit Organizations
    • Individuals
    • Capital activation and loans through CDFIs and other loan funds, Program Related Investments (PRI), Mission Related Investments (MRI), and loan guarantees
    • Charitable purposes at for-profits
    • Funding alliances and collaboratives
    • Intermediaries and CDFI’s
    • Sponsorships of community events
    • Direct program creation
    • Direct co-investment

    If you are doing work that aligns with our Funding Pillars, we invite you to complete the Mini Letter of Inquiry form below.

Areas of Philanthropic Focus

Rooted Philanthropic focuses its giving and support on the neighborhoods of Saint Paul’s East Side and the surrounding communities. Our focus is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, ensure a quality education for our youth, engage the community in healthy living, and support East Side Women leaders.

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business

    Creating and building ideas and businesses is a long-term path to sustainable economic security and generational asset-building.

  • Education

    A quality and holistic education is fundamental to opportunity.

  • Wellness

    The active pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is an individual and collective set of activities that make each of us and our neighborhoods safer and more resilient.

  • Women Leaders

    Women in leadership have unique needs that when addressed and supported make our communities and institutions stronger.

Mini-Letter of Inquiry

Contact us About Your Idea

We want to hear about good work that is happening on the East Side that aligns with our funding interests. If you are doing work that aligns with our Funding interests, we invite you to complete this form and someone will get back to you in a timely manner. We ask that you review our Funding Areas thoroughly before completing and submitting a form.

Resources For Grantees

We provide these resources for you to read and review as you engage with us and the broader philanthropic community.

  • Principles for Philanthropy

    As a private foundation in Minnesota, we subscribe to the Principles of Philanthropy. These principles are intended to be a guide to on a path toward a universal goal: build public trust while collectively advancing prosperity and equity.

  • 2022 Giving in Minnesota Report

    In this 2022 Giving in Minnesota report, we provide data and insights about the practice of philanthropy in Minnesota.


Recognizing our Grantees

We are honored to support a number of organizations and efforts on the East Side with our grant funds. While there are too many to individually highlight here, we offer these few examples of the excellent leadership modeled by these organizations.

  • East Side Community Investment Cooperative

    Saint Paul, MN

    We provide support to four local community organizations to create and launch an investment cooperative so East Side residents can engage in local real estate development building local wealth.

    Learn More
  • Theresa Living Center

    Saint Paul, MN

    We provide general operating support to Theresa Living Center to increase their onsite programming and case management support for women and single-parent families to move from homelessness to stability and self-sufficiency.

    Learn More
  • Future Leader Scholarship

    Hill-Murray High School

    We provide scholarship funding to Hill-Murray to support 80 East Side students in grades 9-12 to develop and advance their leadership skills.

    Learn More