Providing resources to strengthen and uplift Saint Paul’s East Side

Rooted Philanthropic focuses its giving and support on the neighborhoods of Saint Paul’s East Side and the surrounding communities. These neighborhoods radiate with potential and are filled with innovative and entrepreneurial efforts to improve people’s lives. Our focus is to support entrepreneurs and small business owners, ensure a quality education for our youth, strengthen women leaders, and engage the community in healthy living.

Areas of Philanthropic Focus

Our goal is to support sustainable, generational wealth, health and well-being by providing resources to the East Side communities. Planting deep roots and measuring our impact long-term will be key to breaking down systemic barriers that have historically inhibited equitable social and financial well-being for individuals, families and cultural communities

  • Entrepreneurship

    Creating and building ideas and businesses is a long-term path to sustainable economic security and generational asset-building.

  • Education

    A quality and holistic education is fundamental to opportunity.

  • Wellness

    The active pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is an individual and collective set of activities that make each of us and our neighborhoods safer and more resilient.

  • Women Leaders

    Women in leadership have unique needs that when addressed and supported make our communities and institutions stronger.

News & Happenings

  • Future Leader Program Recognized for Changing Students’ Lives

    Future Leaders was recently named Program of the Year by Minndependent, the Minnesota trade association for private and independent schools. Established in 2019, the Future Leaders Program is a student program that provides students with scholarships along with the support, mentorship, and sense of community required for them to be successful in not just “doing school” but in reaching their highest potential in scholarship, leadership, and purpose.

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  • East Side Community Investment Cooperative Launched by Local Partners

    An investment cooperative provides the opportunity for individual residents to engage in local real estate development at a smaller resource level while having a positive impact on their community and building long-term wealth. It also provides for meaningful development to happen that meets the needs and interests of the local community.

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